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Forensic Psychiatrist

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Forensic Assessment

10 Years, hundreds of assessments, testimony in over 40 cases

Forming Expert Opinions

Assessing Fitness for Duty

Testimony in Civil and Criminal Court

Thorough Reports Communicate Med-Legal Findings in Dr. Argumedo’s excellent easy-to-understand style.


  • Board-Certified in Forensic and General Psychiatry, ABPN
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Rush University Medical Center (Chicago)


Recent presentation by Dr. Argumedo:

“Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder and Treatment.”

Many people have difficulty dealing with the darker, shorter days of fall.  For people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), these struggles are severe enough to cause significant problems in their everday lives.  SAD and treatment also addressed.

Presented at Rush Oak Park Hospital, just outside Chicago. Attendees included public, patients being treated at the hospital and colleagues.


Dr. Argumedo is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center teaching psychiatry residents in topics related to psychiatry and the law.

Juries Understand

Dr. Argumedo communicates in a refreshingly straightforward, easy-to-understand style.

Independent Medical Examinations

Forming a rapport quickly is
a skill Dr. Argumedo uses to optimize an IME and connect with a jury.

Fitness for Duty

Dr. Argumedo has conducted dozens of Fitness for Duty assessments where the ability of a worker to perform the essential functions of a job is in question.  Her considerable experience in assessing psychiatric impairment, psychiatric disability, malingering and diagnosis informs her assessment of employees.

Dr. Argumedo is retained by employers to conduct FFDs familiar with the concerns of Human Resources and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).

Complex Factors Contributing to Emotional Distress

Dr. Argumedo is experienced with complex facts in litigation and patient care.  Dr. Argumedo is expert in evaluating interconnected psychiatric factors, behavior, and outcome.  Her forensic practice addresses defense and plaintiff in litigation, criminal cases and Fitness for Duty evaluation for employers in the Chicago area. At Rush Oak Park Hospital, a branch of Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, Dr. Argumedo has conducted hundreds of mental health admission assessments. She has exceptional expertise in considering the constellation of preexisting mental illness, physical conditions with an impact on mental health and complicating factors such as medication interactions. One condition may be exacerbated by lack of treatment for a chronic psychiatric disorder, like depression, anxiety or Bipolar Disorder. Ad hoc treatment conferrals with patients and their families are routine; observing family interaction provides clues which may suggest undue influence.

Dr. Argumedo places a high priority on standard of care. She works with her colleagues to establish protocols for psychiatric assessment in a hospital, to provide consistency even if a family doctor or specialist in another field must conduct a psychiatric assessment absent a staff psychiatrist.

Competency Assessment

Dr. Argumedo’s assessment of competency in clinical and forensic settings is grounded in a decade of experience.  She evaluates competency and capacity of a person to self-advocate for care, control of assets, control health care decisions, as well as capacity to enter into a contract, such as a Trust, make a Will, or other legal agreement. As a private forensic evaluator, Dr. Argumedo is especially experienced in observing the potential for undue influence, a serious concern she finds when individuals are vulnerable by nature of their hospitalization and complicating health factors. After death, a litigated probate matter will require a physician of Dr. Argumedo’s background to rebuild the psychiatric picture of an incapacitated or impaired person.  In the criminal justice setting, mental capacity is evaluated by Dr. Argumedo.


Competency is an intrinsic element of any evaluation involving decision-making. It is Dr. Argumedo’s experience that competency underpins many clinical and forensic cases in every jurisdiction