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Interface of Psychiatry and law. Psychiatry evaluations in matters with legal implications.

15 Years, hundreds of assessments, testimony in over 40 cases; many more settled cases

Forensic Psychiatry Consultant

Skilled Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Reporting Expert Opinions

Litigation, and Fitness for Duty

Testimony in Civil and Criminal Court

Dr. Argumedo’s knowledgeable, easy-to-understand style.


  • Board-Certified in Forensic and General Psychiatry, ABPN

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Rush University Medical Center (Chicago)

In the news

Presentation, Rush Oak Park Hospital

“Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder and Treatment”

Many people have difficulty dealing with the darker, shorter days of fall.  For people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), these struggles are severe enough to cause significant problems in their everday lives.  SAD and treatment also addressed.

Presented at Rush Oak Park Hospital, just outside Chicago. Attendees included public, patients being treated at the hospital and colleagues.

In the news Autumn 2019

Rush Medical College, Rush University, Rush University Medical Center

Faculty Appointment

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry teaching residents about matters relevant in the interface of psychiatry and law.

Admissions Committee, Rush Medical College

Dr. Argumedo now serves on the Admissions Committee of Rush Medical College, Rush University

About Rush: Rush Medical College was the first school of medicine in the Midwest. Rush University Hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Chicago and environs. Dr. Argumedo has three ties to Rush, including her position as Psychiatry-Liaison at Rush Oak Park Hospital.


Rush University Medical Center, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, teaching psychiatry residents in topics related to psychiatry and the law.

Juries Understand

Dr. Argumedo communicates in a refreshingly straightforward, easy-to-understand style.

Independent Medical Examinations

Solid IMEs enhanced by Dr. Argumedo’s signature ability to form a rapport quickly. Information and thorough opinions follow.

Fitness for Duty

Dr. Argumedo has conducted dozens of Fitness for Duty assessments where the ability of a worker to perform the essential functions of a job is in question.  Her considerable experience in assessing psychiatric impairment, psychiatric disability, malingering and diagnosis informs her assessment of employees.

Complex Factors Contributing to Emotional Distress

Dr. Argumedo is experienced with complex facts in litigation and patient care.  Dr. Argumedo is expert in evaluating interconnected psychiatric and medical factors, behavior, and outcome.  Her forensic practice addresses defense and plaintiff in litigation, criminal cases and Fitness for Duty evaluation for employers in the Chicago area.

Competency Assessment

Dr. Argumedo’s assessment of competency in clinical and forensic settings is grounded in over a decade of experience.  She evaluates competency and capacity of a person to self-advocate for care, make health care decisions, testamentary capacity, with application to control of assets or enter into a contract, such as a Trust or other legal agreement.